Dear Grantees, Colleagues and Friends of the Bright Mountain Foundation,

Over the past year The Bright Mountain Foundation (BMF) has been undergoing a review of its operations with the staff and board of directors. As a result of this work, the BMF will suspend its current grant making activities at this time and restructure its operations.

The board and staff are proud of the accomplishments of the Bright Mountain Foundation in its 13-year history. Since its inception the foundation has brought $6,280,428 in funds and resources to Colorado non-profits serving vulnerable populations, making over 490 grants to 175 unduplicated organizations throughout the state of Colorado.

The BMF staff and board appreciate the work that you do and wish you great success and also to the clients that you serve. We have enjoyed working with you and have learned how much you contribute to the well-being of Colorado citizens. You are team players, collaborative thinkers and diligent workers.

Again we thank you for your continued effort to support our citizenry in a very positive manner.


Bright Mountain Board & Staff

To contact the Bright Mountain Foundation please send correspondence to:
Bright Mountain Foundation
PO Box 3435, Boulder, CO 80307